Thursday, February 3, 2011

WorkAtHomeCareers Offering Stay At Home Jobs Since 2000

The trouble with a lot of sites offering stay at home jobs is that they require a pre-screening cost, which they may not know, makes them look like scammers. Imagine asking money from a person who needs a job first to get money. With WorkAtHomeCareers, you are given a clean opportunity to work without experiencing spam and scam over the net.

Supported by a lot of advertisements, the goal of WorkaAtHomeCareers is to get you started working building a career straight from the comforts of your own home without having to struggle with the scammers. In fact, they even offer all the helpful resources and information in the form of articles and video to make you more aware of how you would identify the other scammers out there.

It had its humble beginnings in 1999 founded by Eddy Salomon with the motivation to offer other people a scam free work from home site filled with genuine job opportunities. Currently, the site has about 20,000 subscribers and a total of 100,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis.

You do not only get to have work opportunities that you can start doing from your home, but you also get well educated about the trade of the homebased industry all at the same time. If you are interested in advertising with them or checking out their current job offerings, you can check out Eddy Salomon , the founder, and send your email to or visit their site at

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