Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Work From Home Jobs This 2011

New Year means new jobs for those who are already used in the work from home set up and for those who are also just about to start. And here are some top jobs you can choose from for this year of 2011:

Be a consultant for SEO. Many would be needing the services of an SEO expert to help more business get more exposure online and continue to rank high in the major search engines. If you have been working for quite some time already online and you think that you are well versed already with the technicalities and innovations of SEO, then earn more by being a consultant this year instead.

Get into web designing. With a lot of people coming up with their own business sites online, hence the demand for web designers would grow a lot too this year. This is considered to be one of the best jobs there is in the online freelance world.

Blog! Blog! Blog! You can start creating your own blog (just like this!) and earn money through ads as you build up traffic and a more stable set of readers until you can finally monetize from your own blog site.

Freelance Writing. This 2011, a lot more articles and other relevant content will be needed by anyone and hence the need for writers would also be on the rise.

Be a coach for Social Media Marketing. This can be considered the newest work from home job and you can earn a lot from it since not too many know the technicalities behind just accessing the Facebook and the better number of purposes you get behind it.

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