Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beware of Scams!

Before starting a work-at-home career in this Net-crazed age, you should be aware and be on guard about the common scams and usual frauds that some deceiving people attempt to squeeze out your resources.

The primary targets of these scammers are those who take the opportunity of earning online and making money while at home surfing the net. They will offer home based jobs such as craft assembly, envelope stuffing and similar assignments for which they even offer an employee status and some questionable perks to lure you, but then at the end of the work period will disappear and not make payment.

Another tactic scammers utilize is entice you with a bigger offer than the standard rates, offer assistance to start your own business setup, and even establish rapport with you, thus making you believe they are legitimate.

So make it a rule of thumb to clarify payment procurement before doing any kind of assignment and always haggle as much as possible to get a downpayment or some type of credit proof that they are indeed going to pay you. Don't ever be fooled by sweet promises and pretty talks. If your goal is to establish a career online and home based, you should be smart and cautious in your dealings. Do background checks if possible and enhance your research skills to verify the authenticity of any potential client. Better to beware than be sorry.

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