Thursday, March 25, 2010

Things To Steer Away From As You Work From Home

To help you in the tough juggling of balls of work and time for the family, here are some of the common things you must steer away from as you start your work from home setup:

1. Try not to schedule work during late nights and especially on weekends. This would really eat up a lot of time that you should be allotting for the family already.

2. Do not allow yourself to stay stuck inside the house. This is most common to happen to work from home workers. A week goes by and they realize they haven’t even been out of the house, even just to buy from the nearest convenience store.

3. Do not allow yourself to focus too much in staying inside your work zone that you disregard the value of breaks.

4. Do not try to stop interruptions from coming your way. This could probably a favorite tv show, a surprise visitor, a few calls, things like that. It may draw you out of your usual focus but it can definitely help you relax even just for a bit. Always find some tiny times to get away from your job.

5. Avoid multitasking so as not to create a bigger mess.

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