Friday, March 19, 2010

Detroit Says Yes To Work From Home

A lot of people still say that to interact face to face is really a lot more effective than talking through all the digital gadgets of today. However, with the emergence of number of cases of work from home scenarios shooting up, many seems to be agreeing now that there is really productivity even when you are working from home.

According to one recent report made by Microsoft Corp., there are about 68 percent of info workers in Detroit who are working productively at home while the rest sort of disagrees. However many of these workers from these samples stated that only a few of their bosses agree or are very supportive to this kind of work set-up.

The apparent benefits of work from home like saving money from the transportation expenses, getting saved from the traffic and not being stressed by annoying co-workers would always be there to be acknowledged. However, the drawbacks too of the workers being less accountable and lessened quality of work remain too big to not be ignored.

On which part do you agree on this?

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